Book Review: How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth

Book Review How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth Book Review. 3rd Ed. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2003 “Just read the bible and do what is says!”. Good advice, yet quite incomplete. How does one read the Bible? Is it read like a novel? Like a history book? Like a list or rules? DoContinue reading “Book Review: How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth”

Christmas Revealed

  Reuben Smith 12-2011Luke 2:21-40 NIV INTRO: God made clear proclamations of the first Christmas via prophesies in the Old Testament (such as Isaiah 7:14), the angelic visitations to Mary, Joseph and the shepherds, and in a different way the Magi.  Mary and Joseph had direct visitations from heaven, they needed such encounters.  God knewContinue reading “Christmas Revealed”