Referrals for Counseling or Contact/Invite Reuben

If you’d like to request Reuben as a counselor, please visit Compass Counseling Referrals

Please have the following ready when you call:
Clients Full Given Name
Client’s Date of Birth
Insurance information (including the primary insured name and date of birth)

If you would like to request Reuben to speak at your mental health facility, church, conference, business, etc, just drop a line here. He will respond within 24 hours.


One thought on “Referrals for Counseling or Contact/Invite Reuben

  1. I have known Reuben since the day he was born. He didn’t have anything given to him – no white house surrounded by a picket fence. He gave his heart to Jesus at a very early age and has always had such a tender heart for others. His preaching style has matured right along with him. With certainty, I can say, Reuben and Brenda are the same 24/7. They are raising their three children to know Jesus, to love Jesus and to serve Jesus, not just in word but by example. Even through some tough times and losses, they have not wavered in their faith. They are also showing by example, the importance of education. Raising a family, working full-time, being dedicated to their church family and in ministry is not an easy task. They are good stewards of all God has blessed them with and I am excited to see how God’s plan unfolds in their lives.

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