My Creed in Counseling

I believe God spoke the earth, universe, and animals into existence. God called His creation good, but He did not pursue it. He walked among creation, but it did not enjoy fellowship. His creation could not disobey, disappoint, grieve His heart or deny His existence. Yet His creation could never love and enjoy Him. ThereContinue reading “My Creed in Counseling”

Book Review: How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth

Book Review How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth Book Review. 3rd Ed. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2003 “Just read the bible and do what is says!”. Good advice, yet quite incomplete. How does one read the Bible? Is it read like a novel? Like a history book? Like a list or rules? DoContinue reading “Book Review: How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth”