Christmas Revealed

  Reuben Smith 12-2011Luke 2:21-40 NIV INTRO: God made clear proclamations of the first Christmas via prophesies in the Old Testament (such as Isaiah 7:14), the angelic visitations to Mary, Joseph and the shepherds, and in a different way the Magi.  Mary and Joseph had direct visitations from heaven, they needed such encounters.  God knewContinue reading “Christmas Revealed”

All Things Through Christ

Philippians 4:13  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” NKJV I. “I can do…”  a. God has called us “to do” 1. In the NKJV the term “good works” is mentioned 15 times.  All within the context of Christian expectation and conduct. 2.  Though good works cannot save God expects them of us,Continue reading “All Things Through Christ”

2 Corinthians 6 – I Will Walk Among You and Be Your God

You may read the entire chapter here In chapter 6 Paul is taking on an appropriate tone of urgency.  What is normal in God’s eyes is a full and immediate response to His graceful call when it is made.  The 12 disciples are good examples of this.  They were busy men but left all toContinue reading “2 Corinthians 6 – I Will Walk Among You and Be Your God”

2 Corinthians 5 – Ambassadors For Christ

    Chapter 4 is not yet published because I was the best-man at a wedding the corresponding weekend. Thank you to Dr. Lambeth for teaching in my absence. You may read the entire chapter here 2 Corinthians chapter 5 begins by revealing, putting into words, the longing and yearning the believer has for their newContinue reading “2 Corinthians 5 – Ambassadors For Christ”

2 Corinthians 3 – The Glory of the New Covenant

You may read the entire chapter here  VS 1-3 Living Letters Here Paul teaches an interesting lesson. It’s not letters of recommendation that qualify ministry: it’s the fruit you bear.  The subject of commendation is frequent in 2 Corinthians.  This passage reveals a sobering truth: the real success is revealed by the lives of thoseContinue reading “2 Corinthians 3 – The Glory of the New Covenant”

2 Corinthians 2

You can read the entire chapter here. VS 1-4 I wrote to you with many tears As we will find throughout 2 Corinthians this chapter is fluid with the previous chapter.  Here Paul espouses what unity should accomplish.  If you cause someone grief, how will they encourage you?  Grief should cause us to repent (2Continue reading “2 Corinthians 2”

2 Corinthians 1

The chapter may be found here. Paul begins his second letter to the Corinthians (this was probably his 4th letter in actuality: 1 Corinthians 5:9, Acts 18:1-17 & 2 Corinthians 2:3–4) with a warm greeting: “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” HCSB.) Paul used a wordplay commonContinue reading “2 Corinthians 1”

The purpose for edification.

Edification is not for making you feel better about yourself so you can go back to sleep. Edification is for building up & encouraging the Body of Christ so she is prodded on to good works & service for her King Jesus. Edification helps the church when she feels weary in doing her Masters willContinue reading “The purpose for edification.”

‘A Relationship With the Abba of Jesus”

“I want neither a terrorist spirituality that keeps me in a perpetual state of fright about being in right relationship with my heavenly Father nor a sappy spirituality that portrays God as such a benign teddy bear that there is no aberrant behavior or desire of mine that he will not condone. I want aContinue reading “‘A Relationship With the Abba of Jesus””

Running to God for Refuge

Reuben Smith July 2011   Psalm 91 (NLT) Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2007 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.     Proverbs 18:10 “The name of theContinue reading “Running to God for Refuge”